Leaf Gutter Guard

Leaf Gutter Guard Bunbury

Streamline Guttering can supply and install Leaf Gutter guards around the home, virtually eliminating the build up of leaves and debris, the major cause of rust and leaks, and a potential fire hazard.

We install guards that work – say goodbye to blockages!

A customised gutter guard or leaf guard fitted to your specific roof style, gutter profile and debris type will help prevent water damage, prolong maintenance periods and extend the life of your gutters. It will also assist with rainwater harvesting; prevent vermin nesting in your gutters; and help to protect your property from bushfires.

How Does Leaf Gutter Guards Work?

Leaf screener Guards simply fits to your existing gutter and screens out any unwanted debris falling into your down-pipes helping you save roof plumbing maintenance time

Made From Aluminum

Aluminium and most of its alloys are highly resistant to most forms of corrosion. The metal’s natural coating of aluminium oxide provides a highly effective barrier to the ravages of air, temperature, moisture and chemical attack

Environmentally Friendly

In addition to reducing your maintenance, Leaf Screener also allows cleaner water into rainwater tanks allowing you to do your part in helping to save the environment.

Aussie Made

Leaf Screener is backed by an Australian company that uses Bluescope Colorbond® steel when manufacturing guards components.

Aesthetically Pleasing & comes in 11 colours

Most ski-slope systems are made from plastic and can look harsh and obvious on the roof. LS is somewhat translucent with the effect of allowing more of the natural roof colour through and disguising the mesh.

15 Year Guarantee

Only the best products and accessories are used to ensure long lasting guttering protection. This Screener is backed by an Australian company with over 10 years of experience in the gutters market.

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The design of our aluminum guards stops leaves and debris from getting into gutters and downpipes. This set up is useful when close by trees like gums not only drop leaves but they also drop nuts.

The mesh goes from the roof edge over the gutter. The leaves and debris are suspended on this platform. Any debris build up is blown away by the wind.

By using the non-combustible aluminum mesh gutter guard, you can dramatically minimize gutter maintenance and greatly improve the rain water quality collected in tanks.o your down-pipes helping you save roof plumbing maintenance time

Ember Attack Shield

General contractors have realized that the advantage of putting in mesh as an ember guard is that it can work as a guttering shield and even as an ember guard guaranteeing gutter work are is kept debris free while guarding your house against an ember attack.

Storm Season

Overflowing guttering is one of the most typical causes of water getting into houses during stormy weather and when there are high amounts of rainfall.

Blocked Gutters

Broken or clogged guttering and drainpipes supply a way of moisture getting into the house … these usually concentrate great quantities of moisture.

Essential Details

Gutter Mesh Protection for your Gutters

Gutter-Mesh systems are an improved gutter leaf protection that helps preventing leaves from blocking and rusting out your system. This add extra protection and of course allows the rainwater to flow properly to your downpipes.

This system will be installed right over your gutters and will block tree leaves and other debris avoiding your down-pipes to get stuck overtime. This gutter mesh system helps protecting your house from various bad effects such as overflowing and fire hazard. Our selection of guards come in a wide range of colours to suit your home

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