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Down Pipes and guttering are a crucial feature of your roof. the first function of down pipes and guttering is to eliminate water that’s caught on your roof during rainfall. The pitch and size of your roof will play an outsized role in determining what proportion water is collected and the way quickly it are often drained away, but it’s your guttering and downpipes that direct the water to either recycled water collection tanks or storm water drainage.

In recent years, the alternatives that home and business owners have when it involves down pipes and guttering has increased immensely. Size, colour and manufacturing materials can all be chosen to supply a selected look and feel, also as provide protection for your home against flooding. this is often especially important to Bunbury locals, because the storm season can bring torrential downpours. As a home owner, you would like to possess peace of mind knowing that when that happens, your roof and gutter will delay to the present test of the weather.

Different types of downpipes

Streamline Guttering have a wide range of options when it comes to selection of down pipes for new roof builds and repairs and restorations. We can also help you choose the right colours and styles to suit your homes exterior and improve curb appeal. Whether your style is ultra modern or traditional, you can be sure that the team at Streamline Guttering can assist with your down pipe and guttering selections.


Downpipes are available variety of various sizes. the specified size of the down pipes for your home are going to be hooked in to the architectural features of your home, including the pitch of your roof and size of your pitches. Also, the quantity of rain, and the way fast that rain falls will dictate what size pipe will fit your needs. In Bunbury, extreme rain can come quickly and all of sudden. it’s imperative that your guttering and down pipes are ready to handle the worst that our WA climate can throw at us. ask one among our friendly experts to seek out more


In recent years, the different types of materials that are being used to manufacture down pipes has increased immensely. A range of plastic, alloys and metals can be used. Each material comes along with its own features and benefits. If you would like to find out more about what down pipe construction material is right for you then feel free to reach out.of system carefully before commencing work. After assessment we install, repair or modify them, keeping the rake or angle of the system to ensure maximum output

Down pipe colours

Most manufacturers offer a huge range of painting and powder coating options for the guttering and down pipes. This is to ensure that you can exactly match the colour of your roof features to your home’s exterior, whether it is brick, render, stone or weatherboard. Choosing the right colours is important as this will have a big impact on the aesthetic of your home or commercial property. Whilst gutters and down pipes can be painted if you don’t like their existing colour, it is always easier to get the colour right the first time around.

Common problems with down pipes & Guttering

Downpipes, like all building materials and processes can sometimes have problems. These problems can be caused by a number of different factors, however with the help of an experienced and qualified roofing professional, like Streamline Guttering, you can be sure that any problem you have is repaired quickly and cost effectively.

• Rust and oxidisation
• Cracking and splitting
• Leaking
• Blockages
• Incorrect Installation| Product Selection

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